What Does the Process Look Like? Selling a Custom Terrier

We spend so much time talking with our customers that we sometimes forget this is an intentional method. We started Viking West because we felt the power of teamwork was missing from the drilling, construction, and forestry industries. It takes a great deal of technical expertise to create an attachment for a heavy machine, but it takes nearly an identical dose of field experience to guide that creation.

That’s why it was important for us to get an opinion from the front lines when we were introduced to a brand new company looking for a rig with just the right combination of features. This customer focused on foundations and stabilization requirements, so it was important to get it just right. 

But as it turned out, the right combination turned out to include everything.

Kelvin: The construction season is in full swing. Give us some insight into some of Viking’s conversations over the past couple months.

Kevin Reimer: It’s in full swing alright. I have a giant list here documenting our interactions over the past few months. That’s the best way to stay on top of everything.

Specifically, we just sold a Dando Terrier to a new customer. The deal came about because of our relationship with Dando Drilling as their North American representative. It’s a geotechnical and construction company, and they wanted a very capable limited access machine. They did their research, contacted us and we put together a complete package for them.

They wanted everything. I mean everything, but it needed to work in a confined space. The Terrier we built for them has every single bell and whistle you can get. Absolutely every single option that’s available on the Terrier, they wanted it.

Technically, they ended up with a dual mast percussive terrier rig. They went with a DTH (down the hole) hammer, rotary head, and water pump.

Why is it so important for the rig to be limited access? What are they using it for?

They have a government contract to do geotechnical drilling in government parks. They’re working on lots of trails and pathways so they need limited access. It’s important to not disturb the area they’re in. The Terrier is lightweight and runs on double tracks so it’s mobile and doesn’t cause much disturbance. With all the options included, it’s capable of doing all the types of drilling this company needs to do.

Your business was built on talking with clients and creating helpful new solutions to their challenges. We were talking offline earlier about Viking’s expanding focus, tell us a little bit about that.

It’s not so much an expanding focus, we’ve just been talking with a lot of construction companies and OEM’s this year. Drilling might be the heart of Viking West, but we were built on flexibility, whether that’s in the ground, on the ground, or even under a blanket of snow.


Oh right, I’ve got a surprise to share with you in a couple weeks. The crux of it comes back to what you said, the conversations, and those happen in three distinct avenues.

First, we’re talking to equipment dealers on a regular basis about how we can provide them with attachments and guarding packages. We carry inventory to serve our local market and we work with dealers and rental companies to provide them with attachments and guarding as their needs develop. Second, we’re talking with OEM’s on how we can outsource their manufacturing so they can save on their costs. And then our third focus in the past couple months, is the Dando line, which, like we said, one of those was just sold.

Stay tuned to learn more about Viking’s foray into the winter market, coming up in a couple weeks!