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Viking West Engineered Products supports customers in the drilling industry with our unique range of drill rig attachments.

Viking™ SPT Auto Hammer

Collect reliable and consistent Standard Penetration Test samples (SPT) with the Viking™ SPT Auto Hammer. 140 lb (64 kg) drive weight, no cable or rope, multiple swing hinge mount options to suit your rig and fully enclosed for optimum safety. Conforms to ASTM Standards D1586-99.

SCORPION™ Pipe Handlers

Effortlessly handle drill rod or large diameter casings with our powerful and versatile SCORPION™ Pipe Handlers. With 135 degrees of rotation (angle drilling), convenient tilt alignment, simple design and multiple attachment configurations for any drill. Take your rigs safety and productivity capabilities to new heights by adding a SCORPION™ Pipe Handler to your rig.

Breakout Table Systems

Make-up/break-out tool joints with confidence – safely and completely Hands-free. VIKING breakout table systems (2 or 3 level) utilizes a simple quick change jaw insert design, powerful clamp/break performance, large diameter clamp range, and compact design. Can be easily mounted to the base of any mast/feed system.

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